30 May 2011

London Calling

I recently met up with my lovely bestie and shopping buddy Yvonne in London and we experienced a free makeover and photoshoot. I didn't purchase any photos from the photoshoot itself as the prices were insanely huge and obviously we're not allowed to take any photos in the studio. However, I was extremely disappointed with the makeup artist who actually did my makeup (considering that she is a professional makeup artist, or maybe not) as I told her specifically that I wanted 'dark and smoky' eyes and nude lips but she basically made me look like an angry racoon

When I say racoon, I literally mean dark, harsh racoon-like eyes. I am fully aware that you need really thick and heavy makeup for photoshoots as the lighting washes out the colours by a certain amount but by considering the look and facial structure of my face, I assumed that she had the knowledge that harsh, edgy makeup would not look good on me. Anyway, I did however brought my own makeup set just in case so I basically fixed it in the dressing room. 

After the makeover, I actually contemplated in doing my own makeup for my own wedding in the future as being such a fussypot that I am, I am rather sceptical in placing a huge trust in someone in giving me a beauty makeover. Not that I am an expert in using makeup myself (I am somewhat a newbie in fact), but I actually know what type of colours/style/look that would look best on me. And I do actually enjoy learning how to perfect the skill in applying makeup. Thanks a bunch to YouTube makeup gurus! In fact,

Catherine Middleton did her own makeup on her own wedding day!

However, she did receive some lessons beforehand from makeup artist, Arabella Preston. Her makeup looks absolutely fine, don't you agree? Speaking of makeup, I did purchase some makeup products while I was in London and I'll blog about them in the next post to come! :)


Yvonne On said...

the photos of the moroccan restaurant look great! :D

Maricel P said...

Yeah the lighting made it look really pretty! :)

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